Our facility was designed with personal training in mind, which is why we attract the very best personal trainers. So, if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, build and tone your body, or just start living a healthier lifestyle, the Fitness 100’s diverse team of personal trainers are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to find out more about our team.

The Fitness 100 Family


I am currently a competitor in the Men’s physique division for bodybuilding. One reason I wanted to become a personal trainer is I enjoy learning how to keep the body healthy, from losing weight, building lean muscles, or just to stay in shape. I believe that anyone can improve their overall health no matter what their physical conditions may be. So don’t WAIT for inspiration, BE the inspiration! NCSF Certified.


I am a certified personal trainer, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. I, like many others have not been into physical fitness and as a child I was not athletic or even cared about athletics. It was not until I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I found the benefits of exercising. I tried every possible method of cutting weight such as different diets and workouts. After a lot of experimenting and research, I found the perfect diet and work regime that was right for me. Now I want to share my knowledge and help people achieve their fitness goals.


Hi my name is Frank and I am passionate about empowering others through fitness so that they may achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling, confident, and positive quality of life. I believe in a holistic approach when it comes to your health and wellness. Fitness doesn’t have to be torture! Balance is key. With the proper guidance and the right mindset, anyone can make dramatic changes to their physique and life. Certified Personal Trainer & NPC Men’s Physique Competitor.


Linda P

I live, breathe, eat fitness, Fitness has been my number 1 passion since I first got introduced to working out. It makes me feel good all around. I want to apply my knowledge and experience to help people live a healthier and stronger life. My goal is to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to do their best everyday, It’s very important to take care of our bodies, we only have one life and one body. Exercise to feel good, mentally, physically and psychologically. Just do it!

Education  and Certs: BA from California State University Northridge, CPR, PTAG
Interests and Achievements: Bodybuilding Competitor, Strength Training, Promote Healthy Lifestyle and Habits
Everyday goal: To motivate, inspire, and encourage


I’ve always been the fat guy! As in 30% body fat and above fat guy! I spent several years in the gym, did Crossfit, starved myself, and just about every other fad diet in the market just to NEVER see the results I wanted!  However after picking up a trainer myself, I lost 59 pounds and 19% body fat in 5 months!  This experience helped me realize just how impactful a trainer can be!  Working out SMART is KEY.

Dan N.

Dan Nguyen (pronounced WIN) is a fitness behavior expert and authority on the mind-muscle connection. He teaches people mindful techniques to exchange unhealthy habits for healthy ones, allowing them to achieve long-lasting fitness results. Dan has stayed in the top levels of fitness for 20 years using this approach.

Daniel B.



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Fitness 100 was designed with Personal Training in mind and We are always looking for talented trainers with a self-starter attitude to join us. We believe in the power of personalized guidance and the motivational strength of a supportive team environment. This is why Fitness 100 fosters a low-pressure, community-oriented environment where fitness professionals and their clients can reap the rewards of their successes collectively!

We understand how hard you work to to create custom programs as unique as each of your clients, and we believe your paycheck should be representative of that! As a rent-based trainer, Fitness 100 will never take a percentage of your earnings.

If you think you would fit in with the Fitness 100 team please submit your resume to with “Personal Trainer Application” in the subject line. We look forward to meeting you!