Fitness 100 provides a premier facility for fitness professionals to train their clients through personal training, small group sessions, and group exercise classes.  We are a low-pressure, community-oriented private fitness facility where we know each of our members by name!  We believe in the motivational power of a supportive team environment.  So, whatever your health and fitness goals may be, we will be here with you every step of the way.

We spend Sundays with our family, but your health and fitness goals are important to us, so we are available any time by appointment!

Our Facility

Training with D.E.P.T.H.

Making the decision to live a healthier life is one of the most powerful decisions you can make for yourself. To live a healthier life we provide you with the tools to make the right decisions in between training sessions. That’s why our fitness philosophy involves all aspects of your life, not just personal training techniques. Check out the pillars of D.E.P.T.H. below.


Your diet is everything you eat, not the latest get skinny-quick fad, and is the foundation for a healthier you. Eating right is easier said than done. We can help you understand the building blocks of a healthy diet, the difference the right foods make, and how simple changes can make a huge difference.


Also known as walking, dancing, gardening, biking, stretching – even standing periodically instead of sitting at your desk all day — Exercise is your body in motion. Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but how? (hint: see Personal Training below)

Personal Training

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. But how? We all rely on experts when we’re taking on something we don’t know a lot about. Our personal trainers are your total health guides, part nutrition advisor, part workout drill sargent, always motivational and supportive. Unlike generic workouts with big box trainers our expert 1-on-1 trainers customize routines to focus on your goals and maximize your workout. We’ll be with you every step of the way because we know what it takes to achieve your goals!


Getting and staying in shape is a commitment. Fitness 100 will help you build healthy habits to see the long-term results that are possible. Losing weight, building strength or living more actively are all things that are hard to start, but easy to maintain with the accountability and commitment to healthy habits.

The Power of Personal

By focusing on 1-on-1 Personal Training we make sure every client is getting the training that’s as unique as you are. Your personal trainer understands what it takes to achieve goals. By working 1-on-1 with an expert you’ll receive the coaching, guidance and motivation to get you to where you want to be. Meet our Trainers and find someone who’s just right for you!

Succeed Together

As a community-oriented gym we know your greatest motivation can be one another foster a supportive environment where we can all celebrate success. We know for some people stepping into a gym is an intimidating experience. Here you won’t fight for equipment or deal with the guy flexing in the mirror staring at you (lol). We pride ourselves on the friendly and welcoming environment where everyone succeeds together.